You have endless options for memorial urns, guided primarily by personal tastes and your choice of final disposition.

When choosing an urn for home display, you can compliment any decor.  From truly exquisite metal creations to unique marble designs to finely crafted hardwoods, you can select a rememberance that will not only add beauty to your home, but also keep memories of your loved one close at hand.

Hardwood Urns

The natural warmth and beauty of wood is reflected in hardwood urns.  The destinct graining patterns of different wood species, combined with hand-rubbed stanins and finishes, ensure that every hardwood urn is as individual as the life that it celebrates.

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Metal Urns

Combining style and affordability, metal urns provide an attractive selection for niche, burial, or home display.

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Marble Urns

Mrble urns are a classic choice for a traditional, stylish memorial with all the wormth of natural stone.  Subtle variations in color and pattern insure that each urn is a unique and special tribute.

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