A casket that reflects the personality and interests of a loved one can be the family’s final tribute to a life well lived. For this reason, Lowmans Arizona Funeral Home offers caskets in a wide variety of materials that can help make the selection truly personal. Many of these caskets can be customized with a casket panel to suit the personality of your loved one.

18 Guage Sealed Caskets

18 guage steel sealed caskets are known for their beauty and long-lasting performance, They are one of the most popular of casket materials.

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20 Guage Sealed Caskets

20 guage steel sealed caskets are known for affordability and long-lasting performance.

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20 Guage Caskets

20 guage steel caskets are known for  their affordability and beauty. It is one of the most popular of casket materials.

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Copper and Stainless Steel Caskets

Copper and  stainless steel caskets are known for  longevity, beauty and resistance to corrosion. Their combination of strength and beauty helps memorialize a remarkable life.

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Hardwood Caskets

The natural warmth and beauty of wood is reflected in hardwood Caskets.  The destinct graining patterns of different wood species, combined with hand-rubbed stanins and finishes, ensure that every hardwood casket is as individual as the life that it celebrates.

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